New Laws in 2019

Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act

This new law prevents coal ash from polluting communities in Illinois.

Expansion of Criteria for Individual Care Grants

This new law provides for an expansion of the criteria for families who would be eligible to receive Individual Care Grants for children’s mental health care.  The law allows youth to remain in care until 21 years of age. 

Increase in Fines for Passing School Buses

This new law doubles the fines for violations related to approaching, overtaking and passing school buses.

Mental Health Counseling Sessions

This new law increases the length and number of mental health counseling sessions for adults under guardianship.

Native Prairie and Forage Plants for Pollination

This new law directs state agencies to give preference to using native prairie and forage plants to benefit pollinators like honeybees and monarch butterflies.

No Salary History

This new law strengthens the Illinois Equal Pay Act by banning employers from asking job candidates for their salary history.  This bill will be particularly helpful for women who generally are not receiving equal pay for equal work and for women and men who have been working with not-for-profit agencies and might be moving into the for-profit sector.  This bill had been passed two separate times by both the IL House and the IL Senate but was vetoed by the previous governor.