Minimum Wage Increase in Illinois

Minimum Wage Increase in Illinois



The current amount for minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 an hour.  This amount has been in effect since 2010.   For a person who works 40 hours per week, the amount earned is $330 a week which amounts to $17,160 per year, provided there are no unpaid vacation days or sick days taken which lessen this amount.

You may remember that Governor Pritzker recently signed into law a bill to provide an increase in the state’s minimum wage. This new law increases the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025.  In order to gradually reach this goal of $15 an hour by 2025, the following step increases are:

increase to $9.25 starting January 1, 2020

increase to $10 starting July 1, 2020

increase to $11 on January 1, 2021

increase of $1 starting on January 1, 2022 until the minimum wage reaches $15 in 2025.

Working 40 hours a week at $15 per hour means a check of $600 per month, amounting to $31,200 per year.  An estimate indicates that approximately 1.4 million residents ought to benefit from the increase.  It is no surprise that large numbers of women will benefit.

March is designated as Women’s History Month in the United States.  The theme for this year is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence.”  Let us remember especially those currently raising families on $17,160 a year.